Where are we located?

Our KFC Building is located on the SHSU campus at the corner of Avenue J and 17th Street - 1705 Ave. J at the “bottom of the hill.” There are large “KFC” letters on the front of our building.

What do we do?

A lot! For details on exactly what we do, check out our Weekly Events and Upcoming Events.

Who supports Kats for Christ?

KFC is a ministry of the Huntsville Church of Christ, but other churches and individuals support our ministry through financial assistance, relational investment and prayer. If you or your church would like to support our ministry and efforts in any way, let us know! We are always looking for ways to partner with and connect with other people and congregations. For more information on HCOC, visit huntsvillecoc.com.

Can I be involved in KFC if I am not a member at HCOC?

Yes! While many of our students are involved with HCOC, some of our students are involved in other churches in town and some aren't involved with a church at all. While membership at HCOC is not required for participation with KFC, we do encourage involvement with a church family and believe HCOC is great place for that to happen. Involvement with a church family is a vital part of the spiritual development for any believer, and we believe HCOC provides a loving church family where students can be involved, connect to Christians of multiple generations and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Can I get a ride to church if I need it?

Yes! We will work to arrange for transportation to and from campus for students who need a ride on Sundays. Many of our students also carpool to worship together on Sunday mornings. Please fill out our Contact Form more details on getting a ride to church.

How is the KFC ministry structured?

The ministry is overseen by the HCOC shepherds and directed by our Campus Minister. The ministry is served in various ways by college-age adults and an involved group of HCOC members known as the "Kat Backers."

Please fill out the Contact Form if you have other questions.